Michael Izzi
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Singer / Songwriter / Producer / Engineer


Michael Izzi is a native New Yorker who lives and breathes music...

Trained in voice, music and theatre, bringing over twenty years of experience in both live and studio work. He has fronted numerous acts and has done extensive studio work. He is particularly known for his layered background harmonies and ‘ghost’ vocals for various artists.

A tenor vocal range with baritone qualities that can go from silky smooth to rip roaring rock. Also a multi-instrumentalist, his songwriting skills match his vocal abilities, whether it be a complex song with lyrics & vocals or a simple instrumental piece.

As a highly skilled engineer with his own state of the art recording studio, he is use to wearing the many hats of writer, performer, producer and engineer.

Today he is concentrating his efforts on gaining exposure with writing music for T.V. & Film.

The track in the music player below is called 'Past Future' and is the latest example of his instrumental work. For more info and music, please contact Michael directly at the email address listed above.  

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